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Protection from hackers

By Michael Baxter on 16 January 2017 with tags Utopia, Tech

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As we rely on web and mobile app solutions more and more we need to consider the protection we are providing our customers. One of the many ways to improve protection is to operate your website behind a Content Distribution Network (CDN). A CDN is a globally distributed network of servers deployed in multiple locations around the globe. Their goal is to deliver content to users with high availability and high performance and at the same time manage and improve security.

When a customer accesses your website they are actually connecting with a CDN server close to them - rather than wherever your server is located.  This greatly improves performance for your customers around the world. At the same time the CDN monitors access to stop hackers. When something bad is detected it can take appropriate steps to block the hacker.

There are many CDN solutions available today - all aimed at different sorts of customers. Here are some of the more popular solutions providing both security and performance packages:

If you value the continued performance and security of your website or application contact us at Utopia today to discuss which CDN would be right for you. These can all be bolted to your existing site to give you peace of mind.