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By Michael Baxter on 3 December 2010 with tags Bespoke

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0800 Tulips provides carpet cleaning, carpet flood recovery, upholstery cleaning, carpet and upholstery stain removal and much more. They currently advertise and use their website to showcase their services. Anyone wanting to make a booking can use a simple online contact form, or call the free phone number. The company decided it would be good to have more qualified leads through the website and be able to get as much information as possible from customers through an online quoting system.

Utopia’s solution involved creating a management system to capture booking information and giving the customer complete control of service options. The end result provides 0800 Tulips with:

  • Full access to set the range of services and prices in real-time
  • Products can be simple check boxes
  • Ability to set discount codes for use in different marketing campaigns
  • Built to handle growth with possible online payments
  • Bookings are sent to individual staff
  • Real-time calculation on cost

You can view the booking form at by clicking on the "Save with new online booking" link.

Could your website do with similar functionality? Perhaps you have an online booking form which could do with some added smarts to provide more qualified leads, or just cut down on spam you get through it. To find out how Utopia can breathe life into your website forms contact us today.