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Does your business need an app?

By Michael Baxter on 4 February 2016 with tags Bespoke, Upgrade

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Today's businesses only stand to benefit by making themselves accessible via mobile devices. With a mobile web application or mobile app, businesses can boost sales and keep customers by adding ways for them to get or view information. The question is which type of mobile presence is best for your business?

Mobile web applications

A mobile web application is designed specifically for smartphones and tablets. It can be accessed like a normal website using a specific address with the advantage of it being made to be seen easily on the device’s screen. The primary benefit is that it makes regular websites more accessible for mobile users. Also if you have special features on your existing website these can be adapted so they are also usable by people on a mobile device.


Apps are smartphone or tablet applications. Unlike a web application, an app must be downloaded and installed from an app marketplace. Although apps function a lot like a mobile website, they have the advantage of having their own corner on a customer's device. For instance, a mobile app can be closed or inactive, but still work in the background to send notifications and perform for the customer. Apps appear more professional as they display on a device’s desktop and are available in one quick tap. They can also be made to work when the device is not connected up to any wi-fi network.


Utopia has years of experience in all forms of mobile web applications and apps. We can discuss the options you have for your business and how to improve your sales and customer retention. If you want to review how your clients connect with your systems contact us today. We can look at the best options and provide a solution that helps you keep customers longer and obtain new ones.