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Why Utopia can make your client's websites responsive

By Michael Baxter on 27 August 2015 with tags Upgrade

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So why should you get Utopia to make your clients websites responsive?  Simply put - we have the expertise, resources and quality control to take this work on for you. We can work behind the scenes on your behalf and complete the entire process following these steps:

1/ Decide if a framework like Bootstrap can be retro fitted

2/ Define the layout structure and how information will flow across devices

3/ Assess the typography changes required on the site

4/ Decide how images will be handled - from sliders to images embedded within content

5/ Create the navigation structure for mobile devices

6/ Make an offline copy of the website homepage and a single inner page. The responsive styles are then demonstrated using these pages before being rolled-out across the production site.

This process usually takes 5 working days and allows you to work on other projects and clients. If you need this for an upcoming client please contact us today to arrange an assessment of the clients website.