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Making cash smart

By Michael Baxter on 8 October 2015 with tags Upgrade, CMS

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Screenshot of Making cash smart

Smart Cash came to Utopia with the objective on wanting to make their existing website responsive across devices.  Utopia worked with Smart Cash staff to understand their Content Management System (CMS) and the structures of the existing site. We then proceeded to make the necessary updates to the website’s styles. In many situations there were changes needed to content and other aspects of the site to make it fully responsive.

The entire site was updated using a development copy and then pushed out to production when the client was happy with the final solution provided.  There were many aspects of the CMS and the overall site structure which we had to change to meet the end goal of a fully responsive site.

If you have a client who needs similar work done - or you are so snowed under you cannot do this work for your clients - please contact us today. We have the experience of CMS systems and responsive website design to help bring websites into the mobile world.