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Small changes for maximum results

By Michael Baxter on 26 April 2010 with tags Marketing

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When was the last time something got updated on your website? Was it some information or, did you add in a new feature? It all comes down to making the right choices in what your visitors want. The three main areas we get the most requests to “upgrade” are: adding a content management system, integrating a special widget, and search engine optimisation.

Content Updates

Many businesses want changes to their site. Usually it becomes costly to get a web designer to put in the content, or, they cannot find the time to get it into their site themselves. This is where the online Content Management System (CMS) helps.

There are many varieties of content management systems and Utopia can walk you through the options. Once a CMS is in place, changes to your site can be done more often, either by a member of staff or by Utopia. Either way, the site gets continually updated.


There are many special widgets that give your website immediate improvements:

  • Link to Twitter or Facebook - gives real-time updates to people on what you are doing
  • Custom Google Map
  • Weather map - useful if you are running an event

Most features like these are easy to install, and in some cases configured through other providers. All of these can be fun, instantly add more relevant content, and are an inexpensive way to expand the functionality of your site.

Search Engine Optimisation

Every small business owner wants to be found on the internet. This requires visitors searching for things that are relevant to your site. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving how your site is seen. Utopia has the experience to work with you in making small and valuable changes to your site so you can see and manage its visibility to customers. The process involves updating page content, hidden META data information and promoting the site.

Every site has different requirements so please contact us to discuss your needs. We will scope out the best solution for you and assist in keeping your site current.

Read more about Utopia's e-commerce solutions online. Every organisation’s requirements differ so please contact us so we can discuss the best solution for your business.