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How is your customer service?

By Michael Baxter on 13 October 2015 with tags Utopia

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Christmas is coming and many businesses will be approaching their busiest time of year. Now is a good time to review your customer service.  Here are 5 steps to making your customer’s experience with you top notch:

Change your vocabulary

How do you talk about, and to, your customers? What phrases do you use to ​communicate with customers, and what do you call them behind their backs? You need to talk and treat customers as just that - your customers. They could easily go to other places to get your products or services.

Focus on what matters to your customers

What they want will be different to what you want. Are they getting what they need or are you making it difficult for them? Sometimes it could simply be what message you have on your answer-phone or keeping customers up-to-date on any projects you are doing with them.

Tell a story

Tap into your customer’s desire for stories, by engaging with them on your business adventure and what you have planned next.

Empower your employees

Keep them happy and give them room to grow. This will result in them merging into your business rather than just working for you. Training is an important part and employees will soon thrive when you give them more responsibility and ability to make decisions.

Everything plays a role

Every aspect of your business plays a role in how customers view their experience with you. It could be an email you sent out late one evening or when they bump into you after hours.

There are many more ways you can work on customer service. Simply put yourself in your customer’s shoes and play out how they will interact with your business. Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised.