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Ecommerce solutions

By Michael Baxter on 10 June 2015 with tags E-commerce

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Screenshot of Ecommerce solutions

Today there are many options for the deployment of an e-commerce solution for your clients. These can range from subscription based web services to plug-and-play modules for your favourite Content Management System.

All subscription based solutions carry a number of problems. These include operating from overseas and not offering the type of branding and functionality opportunities you would like.

To solve this Utopia has built an e-commerce platform for the popular system called CMS Made Simple. This platform allows seamless integration with your website design as well as providing the very latest in responsive and feature rich content editing. Below are some of the features it currently supports:

  • Full web based administration
  • Import and export product information
  • Unlimited product information
  • Unlimited product hierarchy depths
  • Product attributes like colour and size
  • Multi currency
  • Email notifications
  • Pricing based on logged in users
  • Ability to sell ‘files’
  • Online order tracking
  • Coupons for checkout
  • Registered users with wish lists
  • Shipping matrix
  • Fully template driven
  • Supports multiple payment gateways including PayPal, DPS, Paymate, POLi and Worldpay
  • Run daily deals

This solution has been built to provide designers and branding specialists the uttermost flexibility when it comes to customer experience. The base store carries a one-off installation fee and you are then able to configure the store templates yourself, or Utopia can match the shopping experience to your overall site design and branding guidelines.

You can read more about our solution online and please contact us to discuss the types of e-commerce solutions you are offering your clients.