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Things getting too technical?

By Michael Baxter on 8 January 2015 with tags Bespoke

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Pixelmagic have been working with Utopia since 2011 on a range of programming projects. When required we are called in to assist on specific development and programming projects. Over the years this has included a wide range of things including generation of automatic invoices from ordering systems and interfacing to payment processing providers.

Recently Steve from Pixelmagic contacted us to handle the urgent migration of a client’s website hosting from one server to another.  The hosting provider was not willing to upgrade its server to handle changes required by a 3rd party payment gateway. The migration meant handling database updates as well as testing that the new server was working. After being signed off by the client the website was made live.

The process spanned a few days with the end result being a happy client. "A great job… well done again" says Steve, "thank you very much for attending to it at short notice for us".

If you hit a roadblock on a project, or something out of the blue that you are having technical issues with don't forget to give us a call here at Utopia.  We are available to assist with extensive knowledge from 18+ years working in the internet industry.