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Can your customers hear you?

By Michael Baxter on 2 February 2015 with tags Marketing

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Writing a regular newsletter is a skilful task, one that involves providing information and persuasion. Good newsletter writing gives readers an insight into the services and products that you offer. However, providing truly useful content is the essence of newsletter writing.

Newsletter writing can help advertise your products to a wider market and at the same time earn you loyal readership. Writing a newsletter that is innovative and informative is essential for good marketing. You are spreading information that is relevant to thousands and thus satisfying their needs. That should be the basic aim of your newsletter - to offer significant information. It's about sharing what you know.

Here are some simple tips for making your newsletters successful:

  • Send a newsletter every 1-2 months
  • Keep it short with news and success stories as well as a product or service you are selling
  • Get a list of all the people you have emailed in the past - perhaps a customer database or a master list you might have
  • Get into the habit of adding people to your database whenever you meet them
  • Add all new customers to your database - or even people who just enquire through your website
  • Make sure people can manually signup to your list from your website

We recommend you use MailChimp as your newsletter manager as it is free for up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month.

Consistency between your newsletter and website are important. Utopia can help you establish the template for your newsletters to match your existing branding. Contact us now to see how easy it is to create a newsletter system for your business.