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Time for an upgrade?

By Michael Baxter on 8 October 2009 with tags Upgrade

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Website design and technology is constantly changing but sadly, many websites are not keeping pace. Even if the information on your website does not need to change much over the years, there are still many good reasons to update it. Here are some issues to consider:

  • Does your business have a new look?
  • Is your site lacking significant impact when compared to your competition?
  • Is your site brimming with content but a nightmare to keep maintained?
  • Have you had staff changes and therefore lost track of the updates to your site?

Using the Internet Archive, you can monitor how a website has changed over the years. How have your competitors changed? How have you changed? Do you need an upgrade?

What better way to mark the end of the recession and start a prosperous new year then with a freshly upgraded site? Start the ball rolling by contacting us today for advice that will keep your online presence ahead of the game.