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You Can Sew website launched

By Michael Baxter on 16 November 2012 with tags E-commerce, CMS

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Screenshot of You Can Sew website launched

You Can Sew is a unique company providing DVDs, patterns and video downloads on how to sew. As the product was being finalised, Utopia worked with You Can Sew to build up a requirement specification and implementation plan for their new web site.

After completing some website designs Utopia implemented the site with some amazing features:

  • Browsing of products
  • Viewing sample videos - linked to YouTube
  • Offering free products for download
  • Checkout integrated with PayPal
  • Hosting and downloading of purchased video files

Technology & Services used:

  • CMS system
  • Online store
  • Downloadable videos
  • Credit card payments

You can view the You Can Sew website at

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