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Health and Safety in your workplace

By Michael Baxter on 22 May 2023 with tags Marketing

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Screenshot of Health and Safety in your workplace

The following article is a contribution from David Jepsen at Matrix. Please contact him for all your Health and Safety requirements - 027 3748166 and

The role of human behaviour in health and safety is that our actions, decisions, and attitudes can play a big part in creating a safe or unsafe work environment.

Employers can play a role in shaping the behaviour of their employees by promoting a culture of safety and encouraging positive behaviours through communication, training, and incentives.

A common attitude in the New Zealand workplace is the response is that “it is not my problem”, that’s above my pay grade, not my circus not my monkey. It’s not my job. There is a hundred ways to say it but it all creates the same problem. Indifference and a negative attitude to health and safety.

The next attitude that can be easily seen is “that it will not happen to me”. This excuse communicates a mindset that is set on not completing a task safely or shows a person is relying on luck to keep safe while on the job.

Evaluate your attitude towards safety as well as what hazards or work tasks you may have become complacent towards.

Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility and by turning a blind eye to unsafe situations or not fixing something that could become a hazard because you’ve deemed it as not your job or someone else’s problem is a mindset that’s making your work environments unsafe for you and everyone around you.

Overall, human behaviour plays a critical role in health and safety, as it can either increase or decrease the likelihood of incidents and accidents in the workplace.