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Success story :: Starts with good analysis

By Michael Baxter on 9 April 2021 with tags Consulting

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Arahoe School came to Utopia to discuss an opportunity on improving learning outcomes for their pupils. One area of particular interest was capturing and actioning items from meetings between the school and families. Traditionally these were done at school and one of the teachers would take notes for follow up.  The process has become more complex with the addition of extended family becoming involved.  The mixture of visions from the school and families was getting lost and needed to be managed into an overall pathway and goal for the pupil.

Utopia held several workshops at the school to learn more about the issues. This resulted in extensive analysis and the processes that could be improved with some new and existing technology.

The completed analysis detailed the shortcomings of the existing systems and a solution to improve them. The planned system would allow all teachers at the school to plan, manage and steer the outcomes for their pupils. This would be done by feeding in transcribed audio and video from meetings, as well as ongoing tasks being completed to steer the pupil through to the agreed outcome.

Utopia is now working on the system and trials will start in July.

If you know an organisation wanting assistance with processes and systems have them contact us here at Utopia today.