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Success story :: Messaging solutions

By Michael Baxter on 27 April 2021 with tags Bespoke

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Utopia is working with business owner Graeme, from Framing Online, on several digital solutions to help his business. One area is around notifying customers when their completed picture is framed and ready for pickup or delivery.

The business uses a range of technology to manage job workflow. Along the way, the staff have access to customer and job details. Previously, they would send emails or phone customers to inform them a job is ready for pickup – or a time it will be delivered. This was proving to be very time consuming. Texting customers was implemented, but the manual processing of this was creating more problems.

Utopia recommended using an SMS messaging platform interfaced to their workflow management system to help message customers.  Staff can now click on a customer’s job and select a templated message to send them via text. 

There has been an increase in communication with customers to help with delivering their orders since this platform was introduced.  Customers can also reply to the text, and these are managed by office staff in a simple email-style interface.

All of this was achieved by looking at the existing systems and seeing how we could easily embed new technology into an already functioning system.

If you know someone who could benefit from improving messaging with their customers get in touch today. We can assess what technology would work best and create a cost-effective solution to improve customer communication.