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When did you last review your digital marketing?

By Michael Baxter on 28 January 2020 with tags Marketing

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Screenshot of When did you last review your digital marketing?

Are you unsure about how your online marketing is going? Are you unaware of what people think about your business online and how it’s working for you? Do you wish you could do more but don't know who to ask?

Utopia can help you with all these questions with our digital marketing review. Using our experience across all digital platforms, we will look at the following aspects of your own business:

  • Customer digital interactions - what do customers see and how do the interact with your business?
  • Search engine exposure - is your website accessible and easily found on Google?
  • Social media marketing - what marketing are you doing, how well is it performing?
  • Marketing content - what messages are you sending potential clients?
  • Website performance - how well is your website performing?

The final report will identify the strengths and weaknesses in your existing digital marketing. To help you make improvements, there will be a series of recommendations tailored to your business - including your budget, expectations and goals.

To request your own digital marketing review please book it online here. Don't forget to look at our options for marketing your website with things like newsletters and social media profiles. Utopia offers a range of web design and programming services which will help you achieve online success.