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Easy online payments

By Michael Baxter on 9 September 2019 with tags E-commerce

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Screenshot of Easy online payments

Accepting online payments from customers is now even easier. It used to be that only PayPal was available but now the options are endless.  Before looking at the options you need to decide what type of payments you want to accept:

Credit card via your bank

You will need to discuss what credit card payment options exist with your bank first. From there they may provide a bespoke solution or recommend a further gateway provider who you can use. This process involves more organisations who will all charge you fees for using their service. It is however one of the most trusted mechanisms for consumers.

Credit card via 3rd party

This option is used when you don’t have, or want, merchant type facilities with your bank. Instead you can use a provider like PayPal to handle all the credit card transactions. Depending on your plan you can then get the funds released and paid out to your bank account. In some situations, this could be weeks after the initial transaction.

Payment via internet banking

Internet bank payments are becoming popular with organisations. It enables you to get payment immediately into your bank account. Customers login to their bank to complete the payment via a gateway called POLi.

Recurring subscription or donations

If you need people to pay you the same amount on a regular basis then you can achieve this with repeating credit card payments. Your website must first capture the customer’s credit card details via a simple form. From there it can request “repeating payments” from your payment gateway provider. Each month the website then goes through all the repeating payments and processes them. The advantage this has is that your website doesn’t need to store everyone’s credit card numbers.

As with all payment mechanisms there are costs associated with them. Many of the providers charge a minimum fee and then a rate per transaction. Contact us if you want to discuss which provider will work for you so you can get paid online.