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Myanmar Children's Hope Fund

Myanmar Children's Hope Fund came to Utopia through a partner who had designed a new website for this public-benefit corporation. The objective was to put the website into a Content Management System (CMS) and allow people to make a donation. At the same time the site offered material, imagery and in-depth information about Myanmar and the struggles its young people face.

Utopia used the supplied design and adapted it to work with the CMS. Through the project we discussed all the editing and management issues with our client. Once the premium website went live it could then continue to be easily maintained and content updated as required. Part of the process also involved hooking up a donation system to the website. The chosen platform was PayPal.

If you know of, or are part of an organisation wanting to promote their good work and possibly get donations online please contact us today so we can show you how simply and easily you can be up and running.