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Marketview specialises in the management and analysis of depersonalised transactional data. Their existing website needed an upgrade along with interfacing to real-time data. The identity development company Engine designed the new website and got Utopia to implement their vision.

"Working with Michael and the team at Utopia made what superficially looks to be a simple site, but in fact has several tricky aspects to it, a seamless and successful process." says Alex from Engine.  "Michael guided me through areas that I had no prior experience in and simplified geek-speak into digestible business talk I could relate to."

The development included more than just the standard Content Management System and included the following functionality:

  • Interface to exported consumer spending data
  • Real-time market summary page
  • Financial news headlines appearing as a news "ticker"
  • Creation of a PDF for mailout to Marketview subscribers
  • On-demand mailout to subscribers of CMS content and PDF data

Alex continues, "Utopia rose to the challenge of negotiating tricky terrain between stakeholders and produced a site that everyone is very happy with. Feedback has been outstanding."

If you are working with a designer on a project you need to contact us here at Utopia to have the site implemented. We have the people and passion to see your vision to reality.