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NZ Aviation News

New Zealand Aviation News is a magazine which commenced publication in 1978. It remains New Zealand’s only aviation newspaper. As with all media they had a website to support the publication. However, it did not support online digital subscriptions or a Content Management System.

AMG Design came to Utopia with the vision to move the existing website design into a CMS and provide e-commerce facilities.

Utopia performed the implementation using CMS Made Simple. The following additional features were used on the site:

  • News module for posting articles through a variety of formats
  • Online classifieds section
  • E-commerce platform for managing magazines available for purchase
  • Interface to 3rd-party system for reading magazines online

Once complete the staff at Aviation News worked hard to get the best from the CMS. Before long the site went live and they now manage all article posting and the selling of subscriptions through the website. Best of all the site has kept the same design concepts from its previous version.