Wakahui is the name of Utopia's web based image management tool for schools. It can be installed in the cloud or on a local server on the schools network. The system enables staff to upload, find, and share images easily across the school. It supports bring-your-own-device so users can upload images directly from things like iPads and other mobile devices. 

The main features of Wakahui include:

  • Single purchase price and no montly outgoings
  • Small footprint
  • Modern open source technology
  • Can be cloud or local server hosted
  • Developed and supported in NZ
  • Can connect to existing 'photo store' file structure
  • Enables image tagging for easy searching
  • Upload done through simple web interface
  • All images can be vetted before published
  • Supports BYOD
  • Quick tag searching - browse by date etc
  • Share option with connections to Facebook

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