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T2 Intranet

T2 Engineers came to Utopia with a requirement to improve the way they plan, book and resources projects within the organisation. Their existing method used a central whiteboard with staff discussing upcoming projects and updating the lists on the board. Issues arose where the board was not easily accessible for all staff and it quickly became out-of-date.

Utopia proposed a small intranet system which provided the following features:

  • Management of staff / user details
  • Management of jobs / projects
  • Assignment of staff to projects
  • Users own "My jobs" list
  • Staff In/out board

Staff can now login to the intranet and manage all assignment of work through the week. At the weekly project planning meetings the intranet is projected on to a wall and all staff can quickly see all upcoming work and discuss the scheduling required. Assignment of projects occurs in real-time.

If your organisation is in need of a small functional intranet to improve planning and staff management contact us today. We have the experience with intranet development and office technology to provide the ideal solution to you.