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Store Rite Logistics

Store Rite Logistics is a privately owned multi-site 100% kiwi company that aids in every aspect of logistics/supply chain needs. IT and Systems Manager Glenn contacted Utopia about building a customer portal. He needed to give customers access to real-time stock holdings in the warehouse. Customers would then be able to easily search for their products.

After building the integration to the existing warehouse database, Utopia designed the customer login portal. This included various screens including the search system. The system is fully responsive allowing it to work across multiple devices like phones and tablets so customers can view stock while on the road.

The web application is built using industry standard technology including PHP and MySQL. This makes it easily transferrable between hosts as well as fast and robust.

Do you need a customer portal so your customers can communicate with you better? Contact us today! We have the experience with web application development to provide the ideal solution to you.