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North West Country

North West Country Ltd was established to give the area a unified voice to promote the region, and provide visitors with a central hub for information. Manager Phelan came to Utopia needing to upgrade how they manage their membership database. They needed bespoke development to allow:

  • Configuration of their CRM to manage all the association’s members.
  • A portal for members to update their details.
  • Member Only news and events.

After discussing their specific requirements detailed technical specifications were produced. Once these were signed off the following was developed:

  • Set up Zoho CRM with member database. Data includes names, telephone numbers, website link, open hours, logo and business category.
  • Created website portal for members to access and update their details.
  • Portal also has news, events and information only for members.

The web application is built using industry standard technology including PHP and MySQL. This makes it easily transferrable between hosts as well as fast and robust.

Are you part of an organisation that needs a membership portal? We have the experience with CRM and office technology. Contact us today to discuss a solution for you.