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My Health and Safety

The new Workplace Health & Safety Legislation has been implemented to improve New Zealand’s workplace safety culture. My Health and Safety is preloaded with toolkits, manuals and policies, all online and ready for clients and workers to use.  The owner Rebecca came to Utopia needing a website frontend which displayed pricing and allowed clients to signup.  A Content Management System (CMS) was required so staff could easily update the site.  Bespoke development was also necessary to provide a web application for managing clients health and safety responsibilities.

After discussing content and functionality Utopia produced a mock-up of the new site using the logo supplied.  This was fine-tuned and the final premium website implemented.  Utopia helped to arrange the website hosting and Search Engine Optimisation was completed on the website pages and content.  It is fully responsive allowing it to work across multiple devices like phones and tablets. 

Rebecca says, “I am absolutely thrilled with all aspects of the project. The timelines were compressed and Michael met all of these despite me moving the goalposts a few times. The system itself is far superior to that of the competitors, and Michael is constantly estimating costs before proceeding with additional work. There have been no surprises in terms of budget, and the development of the site has been the least stressful part of the entire process. I had expected the development of the product to be very stressful and having to manage deliverables difficult, but this has not been the case at all, it could not have been easier.”

The new website allows potential clients to easily see pricing and signup.  Updates can be made by staff using the CMS system. The web application to manage clients Health and Safety responsibilities includes management of staff, hazards, contractors, risk assessments, accidents, training and meetings.  The website is fully integrated with credit card processing systems to allow real-time customer signups.  This includes automated repeat billing to a customer’s credit card.

If your organisation is in need of a new web application that can handle payments, management and reporting contact us today.  We have the expertise and experience to provide the ideal solution for you.