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Merco Limited is responsible for all sales, marketing and support of the POLi payment system in New Zealand. Company director Jeff contacted Utopia for an upgrade to their MMS website – this is a platform to allow customers to create simple forms for receiving payments. The MMS product is aimed at small businesses and organisations for getting things like subscriptions paid.

Utopia worked with a designer around the new look of the website.  This had to take in to account the existing site data and all the new features we were planning. Once the design was signed-off Utopia then built the website.

This included features for:

  • Customers logging in
  • Downloading PDF material
  • Sending material via email
  • Creating and managing payment forms
  • Getting details for connectors to platforms like Xero and Shopify

The new website was then tested and underwent an extensive security check by two external companies. They looked at everything from delivery infrastructure through to the actual programming code running the website.

Utopia worked with Merco in planning and going live with the new site. This occurred late one evening and allowed for a number of contingencies. A lot of data from the previous website needed to be processed and imported into the new site. When the go-live was complete all of Merco’s customers using MMS were notified of the upgrade.

If you know an organisation that needs an application for their customers to use then contact us today. Utopia can build a range of bespoke solutions to meet your needs.