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Hearing Auckland

Online marketing company Firefly Search came to Utopia needing technical support for their client Hearing Auckland's website. The client had two WordPress websites - one for the main site and another set-up with just products being sold and ecommerce capability.  This was causing a lot of problems and leading to confusion when people were using the site.

Utopia first looked at tidying up the main website and made sure all the menus and pages were functioning correctly. There were a few things here to fix up and then we proceeded to merge the two live websites.  This required careful manipulation of the website hosting so at the end there was one live site.

After merging the sites there were a variety of content updates as well as modifications to how the products were offered for sale - including the pricing for members and the public.

Utopia's expertise both in WordPress and in understanding exactly what the end client wanted meant the final solution was robust and able to be maintained by the client.  Moving forward this now provides a better search engine optimised site and one that the Firefly Search marketing team can better promote.

If you have a client who has a WordPress site that is unmanageable or in need of a security update contact us.  In some cases we can get the updates done same day.