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Framing Online

Utopia is working with business owner Graeme from Framing Online on several digital solutions to help his business. One area is around the handling of invoicing to large-volume customers.  Previously, Graeme would spend time manually creating and checking invoices in Xero. Information would be either typed in or copied from a Google spreadsheet. The time taken to do this – especially around the lead up to Christmas – was huge, and Utopia looked at possible solutions to improve the process.

The chosen solution was to integrate the Google spreadsheet with Xero. The spreadsheet contained a lot of other information – including ordering details, amount to charge, GST and shipping. Utopia completed the integration so Graeme can now highlight spreadsheet entries he wishes to invoice, click a link, and the necessary invoice is created in Xero – ready for checking.

The process of checking these invoices is now quicker with most of the information not needing to be manually copied or transposed.

Overall, the time spent creating invoices has been greatly improved – down from an hour to 5 minutes.

If you are looking at wanting to improve your business processes contact Utopia today for a free consultation on a solution that could work for you.