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EnableMe approached Utopia to build a database and set of tools to mange their clients’ financial information.  This information is then used by EnableMe to provide financial advice to their clients.

One of the key parts of the system included the implementation of SugarCRM - a large Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. This system comes in both free and paid options which make it ideal for a range of customers.

After initial consultation Utopia set about creating a database to store the relevant client information. This was fully integrated with the CRM so EnableMe can easily manage all their clients’ data. Further development was done to link the corporate website to the CRM. This meant all website enquiries could then be processed as leads and utilise the companies sales process - all in the CRM.

Once these systems were in place Utopia also built a client front-end portal. Again, this talked with the CRM and the new financial database to provide clients with a clean interface to their information. New features were added so EnableMe can set up new items of information they wish to capture from clients.  These all link through to the portal which clients are directed to using simple email notifications.

Overall the system was built using EnableMe's expertise in the financial advice field and combined with their existing intellectual property which is the EnableMe system.

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