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Damar Ordering Portal

Damar is a New Zealand owned and operated, compliance managed manufacturer of ‘niche market’ coatings, chemicals and aerosol products. Paul came to Utopia for an upgrade to their old customer ordering platform. The system needed to be modern and support some unique features.

Utopia designed the look of the platform and it was reviewed by Paul. The final design was implemented with the following features:

  • Import of customer details.
  • Import of products automatically multiple times a day.
  • All-in-one order form.
  • Real-time shipping calculations using product size and weight.
  • Sending of completed orders via FTP to Damar back-office platform.

The web application is built using industry standard technology including PHP and MySQL. This makes it easily transferrable between hosts as well as fast and robust.

Do you know a business needing a unique ordering platform to offer its clients? Contact us now. We have the experience to provide the ideal solution.