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Art of Travel

Art of Travel provides specialised travel services for overseas visitors to New Zealand. They are a boutique agency with a large and select group of clients. AOT came to Utopia back in 2008 to take over the management and support of their itinerary and ticket management system.

Over the years the system had functioned well but many of the features had become redundant or required improving. Utopia embarked on scoping the requirements of a new system with AOT.

The completed system included many new improvements:

  • Improved emailing of itinerary information
  • Easy management of clients
  • Made to be accessible outside the office
  • Improved security
  • Move system from office server to cloud hosting
  • Move to more robust and manageable coding framework

The final solution was delivered on time and with other out-of-scope features added. AOT have already seen many benefits in upgrading their old system and you could too. Perhaps you know someone who runs an old seemingly out-of-date web solution that could do with refreshing and improving. If so, have them contact us today for a free assessment of the type of solution we can build for them.