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W2O Investigation Trust

The W2O Investigation Trust was referred to Utopia by a long standing business partner. The Trust required an urgent website for their organisation as it went about communicating with stakeholders about its proposed irrigation scheme in the North Waikato. The client briefed us on their requirements and more importantly the issue of urgency.  We did not want this to impact on the quality of the design so put together quite a tight set of milestones.

The first thing we did was design and deploy a landing page with a marketing message and contact details. Due to the urgency of the project, we met with the client at a local coffee shop to do some rapid development and to discuss design and content ideas including a map of the proposed reticulation area.

W2O began to work on getting the content to us for the new website as we worked on the design. Over the course of two days we had the website design completed and implemented in a CMS ready for the content.

Right on schedule, the website was completed and made live. We worked with the Trust's PR specialist to refine the wording on some content.

This project is a perfect example of how Utopia can work under pressure and still deliver a 100% responsive site with no shortcomings in design or development.

"The Trustees were impressed with Michael's quick grasp of the requirements and his enthusiasm for the project. The timelines were challenging but delivered without drama. Thanks Michael - a great effort." Andrew (Project Manager)