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The Brigham

The Brigham is a cafe, conference and wedding venue situated in Whenuapai, Auckland. The venue recently changed hands and the new owner contacted Utopia with the need to redesign their website.

After discussing content and functionality Utopia produced a mock-up of the new site. This was tweaked and the final website implemented. At the same time Raj, the owner of The Brigham, worked with a copywriter recommended by Utopia on the website content.

Raj says, "I have no reservation in stating that it was a wonderful result. I am getting a lot of appreciation for the design of the website from all our visitors and it’s working very well. The process was smooth, very well timed and last but not the least, exactly to the dollar I was quoted on. It was designed with the vision I had and it has given me exactly that".

Overall the new website is a great leap forward even in small things like providing opening hours and the ability for the menu and other services to be easily updated through the content management system that the site runs on.

If you know someone taking over an existing business and wanting to upgrade their website please contact us now. We can help them take the business to the next level.