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North West Painters

North West Painters  have experience in painting any surface from new constructions to cabinets in commercial properties. Business owner Larid came to Utopia needing a new website for his rebranded painting business. A Content Management System (CMS) was also required so he could easily update the site. The CMS platform chosen for this project was WordPress.

After discussing content and functionality Utopia configured a new WordPress website. This included applying all security updates and company contact information. We then researched a range of WordPress themes to match the website requirements. A short list was presented for our client to choose from. The chosen theme was then installed. The client’s colours, logo and other branding were then applied. After the website implementation Utopia entered the content supplied by the client.

The new website is fully responsive allowing it to work across multiple devices like phones and tablets.  A gallery allows visitors to see photos of past projects.  A blog enables quick and easy publication of regular information to the website visitors. The website can be promoted on their Facebook page to drive customers to the site. A website form on the contact page allows visitors to easily make an enquiry.

Do you need a similar website for your business? Utopia can arrange website hosting and a full CMS website. Contact us today to discuss a solution for you.