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Maria Santayana

Maria Santayana is a real estate agent for Harcourts Northwest Realty. She came to Utopia wanting an improved website to help promote her real estate agent skills. The site needed to showcase her talents and provide a blog and information about the communities she operates in. A Content Management System (CMS) was also required so Maria could easily update the site. The CMS platform chosen for this project was CMS Made Simple.

After discussing content and functionality Utopia produced a mock-up of the new site using the logo and colours supplied.  This was fine-tuned and the final website implemented.

The website utilises a number of forms to help capture information for doing appraisals and asking Maria questions.  The blog enables quick and easy publication of regular information to the website visitors. Utopia helped to arrange the website hosting. The new website is fully responsive allowing it to work across multiple devices like phones and tablets.  The website is promoted on local Facebook groups which keeps their name in the local community.

Do you need a similar website for a service or business? Utopia can arrange website hosting and a full CMS website. Contact us today to discuss a solution for you.