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Legal and Medical Transcriptions

Many of today's businesses build a website and brand based on their initial customer market. Over the years this can change and new opportunities open up. This happened for Purple Giraffe who came to Utopia to setup a new venture for Legal and Medical Transcriptions.

The new website was to target the two specific markets and provide a fresh and modern take on Purple Giraffe's service offerings. The design process tried out a range of website layouts before one was selected. The final design was implemented using some content from the companies existing website.

Utilising modern responsive website design means services and company information can be viewed by customers on a range of devices.

"I was very impressed with how the project ran and I felt sorry for Michael with the changes I needed to be made that I was unable to do myself." says Trina from Purple Giraffe. "I love the look of the site and I've really enjoyed learning to edit the text myself."

All in all the process from design to completion took only 6 weeks. Trina was rapt with the solution saying "Michael was always professional and friendly and I will definitely recommend Utopia."