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Kohia Terrace School

Kohia Terrace School (KTS) had an established website that was maintained by office staff. They kept content up-to-date but were frustrated with the limits the existing site had. KTS came to Utopia with a goal of providing a more flexible back-end Content Management System (CMS) and doing an upgrade to the look and feel of the site.

Utopia listened to the requirements and reviewed survey results that the school had performed with parents. This highlighted a range of requirements. The end result was a new site, deployed for the new school year, that gave staff and parents a showcase of new services that included:

  • New fresh and modern look
  • Events calendar
  • Easy online editing of content
  • Ability to full manage how content is structured

During the design stage Utopia worked closely with the school so that the design would be in-keeping with existing branding. It was important to connect the site with parents so they could get the information they needed quickly and easily. Utopia made sure that the system could be used by multiple staff at the school. This enabled newsletters, sports results and other updates to get up onto the website in a timely fashion. As well as delivering the site, Utopia also included training manuals and assistance on using the CMS.