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Kohia Art

Utopia and Kohia Terrace School have a long-standing relationship when it comes to creating and managing the various websites associated with the school.  Recently Utopia completed a relaunch of the school website along with a micro website dedicated to the schools upcoming art sale and fundraiser.

The new website provides a showcase for the exhibiting artists as well as a way for parents and friends of the school to purchase tickets to the upcoming gala event. The payment gateway used is POLi - a real-time bank payment system.

"Michael has a wealth of expertise that helped guide as around both websites and what we wanted to achieve" says school Principal Alison Spence. "We love the art website as it is quite different. He kept us informed of progress and worked with us to make the sites go live, as well as our tech guys etc."

If you are part of a club or organisation and want to improve its online presence please contact us here at Utopia and we can put a proposal together for you.