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Fort Richard

Fort Richard - a private laboratory - came to Utopia after working with branding company No.8 Group Ltd on the design of their new website and associated marketing material.  The new website needed implementing in a CMS system with and a new back-office system developed for managing the creation and release of documents to customers.

Utopia split the project into two parts with the first being the public website. This included the following functionality:

  • Fully responsive across mobile, tablet and desktop devices
  • Multi levels of menus
  • Full CMS system
  • Image sliders and carousels for browsing products
  • Near real-time importing of product information from Exonet

While content was being completed Utopia built the document management system. This included:

  • Creation of templates for documents
  • Document creation with review and authorisation
  • System to run in parallel with existing manual method while staff get up to speed
  • Entirely web based

These documents consist of PDF files which have been through a review and authorisation process. For legal reasons, a full audit trail and images of staff signatures were required on the final documents.

Once the new website was live Brendon from Fort Richard said "from my perspective Michael and Utopia have been the best company we've ever dealt with and I would have no hesitation at all recommending them."

Stacey, who runs the lab at Fort Richard and was the main customer for the document management system also backed up Brendon's comment with "I too would have no hesitation in recommending Utopia.  From my point of view once we met and Michael saw how our current setup worked and I explained to him how I envisaged the new system working for us; everything seemed to click into place and he was able to set up a system to work exactly how I imagined. "

"I have to thank Michael for the expert and prompt manner in which he dealt with my numerous emails when minor problems arose or if I decided I needed to add another function to the system. Now we have a content management system that is very user friendly and will save us a lot of time when it comes to managing the online publishing of our performance certificates.”