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De Villiers Yacht Design

Frustrated with the time and costs involved with waiting for a web designer to implement site updates and changes, De Villiers approached Utopia for help. They needed more control over their site content.

Utopia’s solution involved migrating existing site content into its proprietary Content Management System (CMS) to provide the following functionality to users around the globe:

  • Create new pages for the site
  • Update text content within site pages
  • Upload images
  • Publish PDF documents
  • Site updates can be made anywhere in the world – simply by using a web browser - no special software is required

For De Villiers, adding and updating boat plan designs complete with text, images and boat characteristics is made easy. The image gallery on each page provides a visual history of the design, build and launch of the boats.

The steps in this eight week project were as follows:

  • Concept designs
  • Create base site in the CMS
  • Copy base copy from old site
  • Migrate 40 pages of existing content into the Utopia CMS
  • Import images into page galleries
  • Training and handover
  • Go-live