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School Memories

School Memories came to Utopia looking for a cost effective payment solution to use on a new website they wanted developed. The website was to process orders for school photos.  There was no real branding in place so Utopia created a simple clean and easily accessible ordering website.

Some programming was required to handle the validation and ordering process. This involved the creation of a coding system and ability to manage packs that have already been processed and then require a repeat order. At the same time the system was developed so School Memories can easily update the packs, pricing and any shipping requirements all through the website administration area.

Various payment options were tested - including PayPal, POLi and eWay. A lot of work was spent fine-tuning the payment processing so School Memories could correctly include a customers order in their existing automated ordering system.

Once live the website has been tweaked with a variety of changes to help streamline the customer experience. If you are looking to provide an ordering system for your products contact us today so we can evaluate the options for you.