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Goody Two Shoes

Goody Two Shoes came to Utopia through one of our many partners. The requirement was to move their existing website into a new CMS and provide improved commerce capabilities. Although there was no actual online purchasing the customer needed a better way to manage the shoes and accessories they wanted to showcase. Utopia took the existing site and first migrated it into a new CMS system. From there Utopia's e-commerce system was implemented. This is used to manage all aspects of the products Goody Two Shoes wanted to showcase. At the same time the website needed to be responsive and allow easy navigation across all devices. This was especially important considering the wide range of brands that the website was to carry. Included with the website was integration with MailChimp for fast newsletter signups.

Utopia completed the project and the website was made live.  Goody Two Shows can now easily log in and update all areas of their website. This includes management of product descriptions, images, categories and attributes - in this case shoe sizes.

Are you wanting to allow your customers to see the products you sell? If so, you need Utopia's e-commerce platform. When the time is right the online purchasing system can also be enabled. So contact us today to see how this solution can work for you.