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Firestop Centre

Firestop Centre have been trusting Utopia with their website since 2014. Over the years there have been ongoing upgrades to various aspects of their digital platforms. This most recent upgrade allows customers to create technical specifications for submitting to local councils. These are used to help with fire protection systems for new and existing buildings.

Customers can login to the website and create a specification for projects they are working on. These are part of submissions they are making to council to provide the fire safety and protection measures the building will have.  Customers needed a fast and reliable way to build lists of products and to get all the related technical data sheets associated with each product.  These are packaged together and provided to the customer for easy inclusion in their council submissions.

The staff from Firestop Centre can easily manage all the products and data sheets these customers want to use. The system allows for the specifications to be stored for a period so users can easily manage them. This also provides Firestop Centre with a means to contact these customers to help with the specifications.  

Do you have customers wanting to access information within your organisation?  Perhaps you have data sheets, images, and other material that you are constantly printing or emailing to them?  Contact us today to discuss how Utopia can put this information online and provide tools for your customers to easily gather and download it.