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Airport Shuttles Dunedin

Many of today's businesses build a website to initially get their brand out in the market. Over time, and through customer demand, you need to expand your online services. Internally you may also be looking at ways to cut costs or improve your processes. This happened for Airport Shuttles Dunedin who came to Utopia to upgrade their shuttle booking system.

The initial requirement was to add the payment gateway system POLi to allow their customers to pay quickly and easily using online banking. The existing website already supported bookings and payments - via Paypal - so we just took up where the previous developer had left off and made some adjustments. As the solution was rolled out to the production website further adjustments were made:

  • Tweak ordering process
  • Create new ways for customers to book
  • Support interfacing to partners for speedy bookings and discounts
  • Add additional back-office systems

Utopia worked with Airport Shuttles to add many new features and give them a more stable and manageable system.  Over that time we gained a full understanding of how their website works and are able to offer support and advice on how to improve it further.

"Your team has done a fantastic job to set us up. The design, follow up support has been great. You have always worked around our budget and thats very important for any business." says Divesh, "Our website is working very well and we are lucky to have your team looking after our business."

If you want to improve your online business processes like Airport Shuttles then contact us today. Our team can do an assessment of the current solution and put forward a real-world solution for improvement in all areas.