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Vitae came to Utopia with a requirement to create a new brand for a specific area of their business.  The new brand would be more than just a logo and would be used across a wide range of media.

The first part of the process was a branding workshop help by Utopia. This involved Vitae and Utopia sharing ideas and being creative around the look and use of the new brand.  Utopia then produced some example logos along with concepts for the use of the overall brand.  This included a range of printed materials that were both functional, fun and made the client stand out.

Vitae then selected a logo concept and we refined it to come up with the final product.  This coincided with the generation of the content for the new printed material.  Utopia will continue to work with Vitae in creating and using the new brand across print and digital.

If your organisation is in need of a branding solution contact us today. We have the experience to provide the ideal solution to you.