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Transformer - Transforming the vision

Transformer are a boutique design agency, specialising in high-end brand communications in print and on the web.

When Transformer contacted Utopia they were looking for a good, reliable provider of web and application development.

“We recently launched a number of sites for Australian property company AVJennings” says Nigel Smith, Creative Director at Transformer. “All have a different look and feel but all are based on the same back-end engine. This meant economies of scale, ease of management and a fast development time.

Nigel explains, “Utopia were great to work with on these projects. When we first described the requirement, instead of either automatically assuming an expensive custom build or being inflexible they were happy to discuss ways that we could use existing development work, customise it and implement it quickly and cost-effectively. It's this kind of practical, no-fuss problem solving that we really appreciate from Utopia.”

Utopia continues to provide programming services for Transformer. Says Nigel of the relationship: “They are professional, get their quotes to you in a timely fashion, are prepared to try to find solutions even when budgets are tight, deliver the work on time, they have a down to earth approach and never try to blind us with techie-speak!”