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We employed Utopia recently to review, revise and update our website for a more modern look and functionality.  The quote was modest so we went ahead and we were not disappointed for a moment.  Michael was professional, efficient and helpful with our many queries regarding options; he also helped keep the project on track for time.  We couldn’t be happier with the result so this project was a great success for us thanks to Utopia!

Teresa from Gascoigne Wicks Lawyers

We are both super happy with the website! It looks fantastic. We have had plenty of great feedback from clients and friends. Also, our team that work for us are very impressed. Thanks again for the help and service you gave us.

Bruce from Execute Ltd

Michael was a pleasure to deal with and very helpful !!!

Jennifer from Auckland ENT Group

I am very pleased with the way you and your team produced my page and it was delivered timely. Thanks again.

Stephen from Wainuiomata Taxis Ltd

Michael, thank you. I have to say that I love the look of both websites. You have done an outstanding job, couldn’t ask for better. Outstanding effort my friend, quick, efficient and a perfect outcome.

Geoff from Bawden Consulting

Very happy with the work done for us by Utopia. Professional, friendly, and most of all, patient. Job well done. 

Bruce from Corbans Nurseries Ltd

We are VERY happy with the work that Michael and the Utopia team have done for us. The timing and execution was first class and I am so pleased we ran with you guys. Michael was always friendly, very upbeat and had some excellent ideas to help us through the maze of web and e-commerce delivery. He made a complex design requirement from our end seem easy and was executed without any fuss. 

Brent from Chase Debt Collection Services

I was very happy with how the project ran, particularly the attention to the aspects that I communicated as being really important to me – i.e. the clean design, following a certain style etc. I feel like the website has a unique look that has modernised the Flex Marketing branding and been built in a way that facilitates consistency and at the same time provides some flexibility in formatting.

Andie from Flex Marketing

The team at Vitae are really pleased with the result and overall the acceptance of change by our team was far less complicated than anticipated. The biggest challenge overall was the interface with our website host, who was challenged on a number of fronts.  Thanks for persevering. Michael designed our original site nearly 10 years ago and we have periodically consulted over the years.  We have valued the professional service and responsiveness to all our requests.

David from Vitae

We are very happy with our website update!  The whole process was smooth.  Loved the fact that communication was always in a 'lingo' that was easy to understand.  Utopia was always very responsive to any questions/concerns, going out of their way to ensure our requirements were met. Appreciated the improvements to the 'look of our homepage', the easy contact/donation forms throughout site and the much improved linkage to our social media. The content management system chosen is easy to use and the whole project completed within budget and within expected timeframe.

Tamara from Violence Free Communities

“Thanks for getting our updated website up and running. We received your quote for this, which you stuck to and you have designed a site that people enjoy and is easy to use. It was great that you were able to answer all my questions and quickly adapted things during the initial testing phase. I feel confident that with the instructions you have given that we’ll be able to add new products and update the site when we need to.  Knowing that a Kiwi is available on the end of the phone or to respond quickly to emails has been very reassuring and we look forward to developing more technical aspects of the site in the future.  It was great that you understood the payment gateways and had them running quickly.”

Tim from Mushroom Gourmet

I am absolutely thrilled with all aspects of the project. The timelines were compressed and Michael met all of these despite me moving the goalposts a few times. The system itself is far superior to that of the competitors, and Michael is constantly estimating costs before proceeding with additional work. There have been no surprises in terms of budget, and the development of the site has been the least stressful part of the entire process. I had expected the development of the product to be very stressful and to have to manage deliverables hard, this has not been the case at all, it could not have been easier.

Rebecca from My Health and Safety

I have no reservation in stating that it was a wonderful result. I am getting a lot of appreciation for the design of the website from all our visitors and it’s working very well. The process was smooth, very well timed and last but not the least, exactly to the dollar I was quoted on. It was designed with the vision I had and it has given me exactly that.

Raj from The Brigham

Proved good in testing and the dealers using it so far seem happy. From your end, we have no complaints at all with the timeline so 10/10.

Troy from Forbes and Davies

The new ordering system means a salesperson can visit in a car and take orders on a tablet. It has made life a lot easier. Utopia has been really responsive and accommodating in rectifying small issues that we did not anticipate.

Paul from Southland Foods

We have worked with Utopia on numerous projects in the past so turned to them for help with our latest venture. Throughout the process working with the Utopia team could not have been simpler. They delivered on time, helped to collaborate and improve on our ideas, made rush updates when a client discovered an issue, and generally made the whole process easy. Their knowledge and ability to produce clean coded website without overcomplicating the process makes our website user-friendly, quick loading and our clients have raved about the usability. It is a credit to the Utopia Team.

Michael from

It was great to have the experience of Michael from Utopia on this project. We were dealing with a third party API which was being added to as the project progressed, whilst trying to meet a rapidly approaching deadline. Throughout the process Michael was able to adapt and make changes quickly which allowed us to concentrate on other parts of a quite complex project.

Alex from Netinsites

I was very impressed with how the project ran and I felt sorry for Michael with the changes I needed to be made that I was unable to do myself. I love the look of the site and I've really enjoyed learning to edit the text myself. Michael was always professional and friendly and I will definitely recommend Utopia.

Trina from Purple Giraffe

We find the website very clean and easy to use. The project was easily completed within the framework of the timeline and most importantly was affordable. We found Michael very easy to deal with.

Nevin from O’Rourke Bros

The Trustees were impressed with Michael's quick grasp of the requirements and his enthusiasm for the project. The timelines were challenging but delivered without drama. Thanks Michael - a great effort.

Andrew from W2O Investigation Trust

From my perspective Michael and Utopia have been the best company we've ever dealt with and I would have no hesitation at all recommending them.

Brendon from Fort Richard

I too would have no hesitation in recommending Utopia. From my point of view once we met and Michael saw how our current setup worked and I explained to him how I envisaged the new system working for us; everything seemed to click into place and he was able to set up a system to work exactly how I imagined. I have to thank Michael for the expert and prompt manner in which he dealt with my numerous emails when minor problems arose or if I decided I needed to add another function to the system. Now we have a content management system that is very user friendly and will save us a lot of time when it comes to managing the online publishing of our performance certificates.

Stacey from Fort Richard

I kept having to pinch myself that the website had been seamlessly transitioned from the old OPC one to the new Hillary Outdoors one overnight without any hiccups. It is rare to have such major projects go so smoothly, even with the best planning! All accomplished within budget and deadline. Utopia has been a dream to deal with and they are the ideal choice for any organisation that wants positive, friendly expertise without breaking the bank!

Angela from Hillary Outdoors

Process was very smooth. Michael has a wealth of expertise that helped guide as around both websites and what we wanted to achieve. He was able to easily accommodate some of our requests (the ability to put some text in red, format re news section etc). We love the art website as it is quite different. He kept us informed of progress and worked with us to make the sites go live, as well as our tech guys etc. Nothing seemed to be much of a problem and he was prompt in getting things fixed.

Alison from Kohia Terrace School

The project ran well, and we are very pleased with the timeline and final result. The budget was also affordable for the required amendments.

Jo from Network Car Rentals

Working with Michael and the team at Utopia made what superficially looks to be a simple site, but in fact has several tricky aspects to it, a seamless and successful process. Michael guided me through areas that I had no prior experience in and simplified geek-speak into digestible business talk I could relate to. Utopia rose to the challenge of negotiating tricky terrain between stakeholders and produced a site that everyone is very happy with. Feedback has been outstanding.

Alex from Engine

The project ran very smoothly with all deadlines met, and no cost over-runs. We were very happy with Michael's expertise and advice, and would recommend Utopia’s services to anyone.

Mike from Railblaza

The complete implementation and process of going live was managed by Utopia, we just had to review the content. I logged on, changed some contact details and had a good look round. All very user friendly.

Robyn from Unique Services