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Stop driving around the bend

By Michael Baxter / 15 October 2018

Redwood Industries are location vehicle specialists who have been servicing the NZ Film Industry for over ten years. Business Owner Neil came to Utopia needing bespoke development to design a system to track customers, jobs and drivers and also do monthly invoicing.

Fast efficient staff checks

By Michael Baxter / 12 September 2018

StaffChecks is a well established company providing comprehensive background pre-employment screening to large organisations in the public and private sector for over 30 years. They wanted a new website to offer an express booking service which could take online payments and link into their existing platform. 

Ordering just got easier

By Michael Baxter / 23 July 2018

Ceva Animal Health Australia is a global veterinary health company specialising in pharmaceutical medicines for companion animals, equine and production animals. Ceva Australia needed a product ordering and distribution management system similar to the one Utopia had already built for Ceva NZ.

App vs website

By Michael Baxter / 13 March 2018

If you're planning to establish a mobile presence for your business or organisation one of the first considerations is whether you want to create a mobile application for users to download (app) or a traditional website, or perhaps both. These can look very similar at first-glance and determining which is most suited to your needs will depend upon a number of factors, including target audiences, ... more »

Where are all the good houses?

By Michael Baxter / 7 November 2017

Find Me Property take the stress out of property buying.  They provide an alternative option for home buyers in which they do the hard work while buyers sit back and enjoy the fantastic results.  Owner Carla came to Utopia needing a website for her new business. A Content Management System (CMS) was required so staff could easily update the site.  Bespoke development was also necessary to provide a web application to manage property owners, buyers and agents.

Tools for sales reps

By Michael Baxter / 9 November 2016

Ceva Animal Health markets pioneering animal health products in the livestock, poultry, equine and pet sectors. They came to Utopia needing a system to track customers, take orders and send reports to their warehouse and distributors.

Are you hearing me?

By Michael Baxter / 3 July 2016

Online marketing company Firefly Search came to us needing technical support for the WordPress sites of their client Hearing Auckland. Have a look and see how we helped them out.

How is your health and safety?

By Michael Baxter / 9 June 2016

The new Workplace Health & Safety Legislation has been implemented to improve New Zealand’s workplace safety culture. My Health and Safety is preloaded with toolkits, manuals and policies, all online and ready for clients and workers to use. Have a look at their new website.

Time to be enabled

By Michael Baxter / 16 March 2016

EnableMe approached Utopia to build a database and set of tools to mange their clients’ financial information.  This information is then used by EnableMe to provide financial advice to their clients. Have a look at their new website.

Does your business need an app?

By Michael Baxter / 4 February 2016

Today's businesses only stand to benefit by making themselves accessible via mobile devices. With a mobile web application or mobile app, businesses can boost sales and keep customers by adding ways for them to get or view information. The question is which type of mobile presence is best for your business? Mobile web applications A mobile web application is designed specifically for smar... more »

Here comes the bus

By Michael Baxter / 21 January 2016

T2 Engineers approached Utopia to build a management tool for managing the work being carried out on the bus stops around Auckland. Have a look to see how the intranet project went.

Need a ride in Dunedin?

By Michael Baxter / 25 July 2015

Airport Shuttles Dunedin who came to Utopia to upgrade their shuttle booking system. Have a look at how the project went.

Things getting too technical?

By Michael Baxter / 8 January 2015

Pixelmagic have been working with Utopia since 2011 on a range of programming projects. When required we are called in to assist on specific development and programming projects. Over the years this has included a wide range of things including generation of automatic invoices from ordering systems and interfacing to payment processing providers. Recently Steve from Pixelmagic contacted us t... more »

Art of Travel

By Michael Baxter / 1 October 2014

Art of Travel provides specialised travel services for overseas visitors to New Zealand. They are a boutique agency with a large and select group of clients. AOT came to Utopia back in 2008 to take over the management and support of their itinerary and ticket management system. Over the years the system had functioned well but many of the features had become redundant or required improving. ... more »

Going on a road trip

By Michael Baxter / 26 July 2014

Forbes and Davies are New Zealand's leading importer of Motorcycle and ATV tyres, clothing, helmets and accessories. Their website was linked to a specialist stock management platform which in turn incurred ongoing monthly costs. Forbes and Davies came to Utopia looking for a solution to cut these costs and provide improved functionality for their New Zealand wide network of dealers. Utopia ... more »

What solution is right for you?

By Michael Baxter / 19 February 2014

Whenever a business is looking for a web enabled solution to a business process there are two main routes they can go down - buy an off-the-shelf package, or have it custom-written. Here we look at the pros and cons of each. Off-the-shelf solution Off-the-shelf solutions are ready-made, available to lots of people, and you usually pay a license fee to use them. For websites this can in... more »

Supporting applications

By Michael Baxter / 5 February 2014

CID International (CID) came to Utopia on the lookout for someone to take on support for their existing web based application. CID's primary focus is to identify any component required to maintain integrity, be it a specified valve, fire penetration, brace system, fire door or insulation system. Users of the system include both manufacturers and installers. The system had been developed in-h... more »

The view of the market

By Michael Baxter / 12 November 2013

Marketview specialises in the management and analysis of depersonalised transactional data. Their existing website needed an upgrade along with interfacing to real-time data. The identity development company  Engine designed the new website and got Utopia to implement their vision. "Working with Michael and the team at Utopia made what superficially looks to be a simple site, but in fact h... more »

All Property Reports

By Michael Baxter / 14 October 2013

All Property Reports is a centralised building and pest report re-selling website. The company behind the site asked Utopia to build the customer facing web components. The overall objective was that inspectors could provide reports that customers could purchase securely. "We have worked with Utopia on numerous projects in the past so turned to them for help with our latest venture", says Mi... more »

Need a service?

By Michael Baxter / 8 July 2013

Service King came to Utopia for the implementation of a new website to promote their residential and commercial cleaning company. The complete solution required e-commerce and back-office integration to Simpro - a job management system. The overall objective for the implementation included: Automated updating of service details Quoting system for Service King technicians Customer p... more »

Subscription based billing

By Michael Baxter / 6 May 2013

Netinsites came to Utopia for the coding of a registration and payment solution for a client’s website. The client would be taking registrations for the locally developed e-learning system called Guide Tools. The overall objectives of the coding project required: Interfacing to SilveStripe CMS for registrations Processing credit card payments through Paystation Creating staff... more »

Food on the move

By Michael Baxter / 26 March 2013

Southland Foods Market Elements came to Utopia as their client Southland Foods wanted to make their ordering and delivery of product more efficient. Previously they would send out a driver in a truck to take orders. If the product was not on the truck this would create back orders or require double visits to deliver.  They wanted to take orders onsite with clients and have them updated immedi... more »

Ride the waves

By Michael Baxter / 3 July 2012

Westhaven Marine came to Utopia as they were having difficulty getting their existing website updated. Apart from taking a long time to get updated it was also becoming costly and frustrating. What they needed was the website loaded into a Content Management System so their own staff could maintain it. Utopia launched into the project and began by duplicating the existing site’s layout. Fr... more »

Need a programmer?

By Michael Baxter / 20 June 2012

The staff at Utopia have been working in the internet industry since 1998, developing and building an extensive skills base. Rather than pulling solutions out of a template box, Utopia creates innovative solutions that meet clients' specific needs. This means you can trust Utopia with any programming you need for your website. Below are some recent examples of changes to sites that have used o... more »

Make a site i* capable

By Michael Baxter / 4 February 2012

If you were a good developer through the past year, perhaps Santa brought you a shiny new iPhone, iPad or Android device. If he did, you’ve certainly spent hours playing with it – browsing, downloading apps, microblogging, and all in all having lots of fun. Now, being the web developer that you are, you’re probably wondering where to find “View Source,” and how you can create sites and ... more »