Trial by committee

By Michael Baxter on 13 October 2009 with tags Bespoke, CMS

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Utopia was approached by the Celebrants Association of New Zealand to upgrade its existing website – improving communication between the association's members. Utopia made the following recommendations:

  • Include a graphical search by region
  • Improve the template design of site pages
  • Improve the ‘find a celebrant’ experience – including the removal of existing pop-up functions
  • Create a robust backend for managing the membership database

During the redesign process, which Utopia outsourced to one of our partner organisations, numerous concepts were discussed. Utopia worked with key stakeholders and committee members within the association to agree a final solution. This meant our design partner could concentrate on the visual presentation of the site without the need to manage the client and the multiple stakeholders involved in the decision-making process. Many designers wish to focus purely on the design aspects of a project rather than management of a complex client relationship.

This project demonstrates how Utopia can provide your organisation with a full range of complementary or integrated services around a website project. There may be situations where you require just coding, or perhaps you may choose to outsource the complete management of a project. By having Utopia involved, you can concentrate on delivering outstanding design, without getting side-tracked by technical or management issues.

If you require assistance in managing a large web site development project, please contact us today for a confidential discussion and quote. Utopia can provide as much resource and knowledge as you require, with whatever level of transparency you prefer for your clients. Consider Utopia as part of your team – working together to ensure your client receives a solution that exceeds expectations.