Linking tradesmen with service-seeking homeowners

By Michael Baxter on 24 August 2009 with tags Bespoke

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Trade Experts is a concept developed by a team of highly skilled tradesmen who wanted a vehicle for tradespeople to promote their business and generate new work opportunities. Prompted by the economic downturn, Trade Experts is an innovative solution  directly connecting reputable tradesmen with work opportunities offered by homeowners throughout New Zealand.

Through Auckland web design company Webdzinz Utopia was asked to provide the programming component for the more sophisticated and customised aspects of the new website:

  • Searchable directory of tradesman segmented by region, trade and town or suburb
  • Scrolling ticker showing the latest jobs to be added
  • Ability for homeowners to register, login and fully manage a job from accepting quotes to job completion
  • Daily email of "new jobs" to tradesman based on their skills and location in New Zealand
  • Online database management of homeowners and tradesmen


Using the functional requirements brief, Utopia began building different aspects of the site within the existing Content Management System (CMS). Where possible, existing modules of the CMS were used and expanded. The overall administration component was therefore tightly integrated to Trade Experts’  site-specific administration function. This means the end customer has a consistent interface and feeling of a complete solution.

Utopia executed all the coding, testing and deployment of the end solution. The project ran over a six week period, a timeframe that allowed for work to be undertaken outside of normal business hours – ensuring minimal impact to the site during peak usage times.

"Trade Experts was a project where Utopia were involved right from the initial planning stage.", says Barry Ekins from Webdzinz. "We made no secret that we were outsourcing the programming and taking a team approach to the website - even to the extent of transparency with fees. Our client was perfectly happy that this was the best solution. Between Utopia and ourselves we were able to come up with scenarios and solutions that, in some cases, the client had not anticipated."

"Michael really was a problem solver and used his project management skills to keep us on track. He really supported us and helped us to look good to our clients for which we thank him."

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